Future Shows

We are thrilled to announce our next GLORIOUS show!


@ Little Theatre, Hoghton Street, Southport

Saturday 6th – Saturday 13th October 2018 at 7.30pm nightly

Additional Matinee performance at 2.00pm on Saturday, 13th October

The curtain opens with Oliver Twist working at an orphanage. The boys sing Food, Glorious Food’ as they wait for supper. They are all hungry after their one cup of gruel and Oliver asks for more.

Mr and Mrs Bumble sing ‘Oliver!’, and Oliver is a ‘Boy for Sale’ after being upset by his impudence. Oliver is bought by Mr. Sowerberry, the undertaker. Saved from one enemy in Mr. Bumble, Oliver’s new enemy is Noah Claypole. A fight between them leads to Oliver being locked up as he sings the tender ‘Where Is Love’. Oliver runs away where he soon meets the Artful Dodger who sings ‘Consider Yourself ‘. He is introduced to Fagin and his boys and is taught that ‘You’ve Got to Pick a Pocket or Two’.

Fagin sneaks out late in the evening to meet Bill Sikes at The Three Cripples. Despite the obvious drawbacks of living in the slum, Nancy assures us that ‘It’s a Fine Life’. The following morning Nancy and Bet arrives and Oliver gets to know them during the song ‘I’d Do Anything’, after which Fagin sends the boys out on the streets hoping that they’ll ‘Be Back Soon’. Well, they aren’t, at least not Oliver. He’s been arrested for looking guilty when Dodger stole a wallet.

But Oliver is a lucky kid; he’s proved innocent and the old man who got robbed, Mr. Brownlow, takes him home with him. In the morning the whole street joins Oliver in the question of ‘Who Will Buy’. But plans are being made for Oliver’s reunion with his old friends. Sikes efficiently persuades Nancy to help him with the task, rending Nancy singing ‘As Long as He Needs Me’. Fagin is ‘Reviewing the Situation’, thinking about changing his way of life. Nancy shortly realises that Oliver’s life is in danger as long as he stays with the thieves and she contacts Mr. Brownlow, who in the meantime has found out that Oliver is the son of his long lost niece.

She promises she’ll take Oliver to him, and she almost succeeds, diverting Sikes attention with the little ditty ‘Oom-Pah-Pah’. When Sikes figures out what’s going on, he kills Nancy. In desperation he takes Oliver with him, trying to escape over the roofs, but is killed himself by a police officer.

Fagin and the Dodger review the situation once again and decide that together they might be able to retire respectable. Oliver finally finds his real family.

Rehearsals and Pre-Audition and Information

TBC – 7.45pm onwards

Introductory Meeting – your chance to meet the production team and learn all about the show and the audition pieces.

All are welcome!

TBC – 7.30pm onwards

Pre-audition rehearsal – music and dance.

TBC – 7.30pm onwards

Pre-audition rehearsal – music and dance.

TBC – 6.30pm onwards

Principal role open auditions – times will be announced nearer the time.

TBC – 10.00am onwards

Children and ensemble open auditions – times will be announced nearer the time.

Role Descriptions

Oliver Twist
Male Principal Role. The protagonist of the story, he is a lonely orphan boy born in the Work-house.. He is vulnerable but tough and feisty and should have a strong ability to convey real emotions. British (not cockney) accent. Some minor dancing. Age to look 8 – 13

Male Principal Role. A conniving, career criminal whose charm hides a cold heart. He takes in homeless boys and teaches them to pick pockets for him. Perhaps could be described as an old thespian, a man of many dimensions, a leader, a vagrant, a father, a teacher, a lost soul & an eccentric. Significant character acting, singing with some dancing. Cockney accent required. Age to look 35 – 50

Artful Dodger
Male Principal Role. Very energetic, highly personable, intelligent and savvy beyond his years, Fagin’s right hand “man”. Excellent song and dance skills. Must have a dynamic stage presence. Significant character acting, singing, dancing. Cockney accent required. Age to look 13 – 16

Female Principal Role. A cockney girl with a warm heart, Nancy is an abused career thief, prostitute and former child pickpocket. A sensitive side and noble and likeable but hardened and streetwise beyond her years. She lives with and loves Bill Sykes, pretty, intelligent, longs for a better life. Strong singer (belter), actor, some dancing.
Cockney accent required. Age to look 17 – 25

Bill Sikes
Male Principal Role. A villain and Nancy’s brutal boy- friend. The most evil man you could ever meet whom strikes fear into anyone he sees. Cockney accent. Age to look 30 – 40

Mr. Bumble
Male Supporting Role. The self- righteous, self- appointed beadle, Mr. Bumble oversees the operations of the work house were Oliver lives as a child. He preaches Christian morality, but behaves without compassion towards the paupers in his care. Strong character. Age to look 45 – 65

Widow Corney
Female Supporting Role. The domineering workhouse mistress. Widow Corney is an “old maid”, who has been left on the shelf, would do anything to get Mr Bumble’s attention.. Cockney accent required. Age to look 45 – 55

Mr. Sowerberry
Male Supporting Role. The undertaker, a classic Dickensian character tall/thin, precise and a bit slimy. Cockney accent required. Age to look 40 – 60

Mrs. Sowerberry
Female Supporting Role. A loud lady, very bubbly personality, nicest person you could meet, unless you are Oliver. Cockney accent required. Age to look 40 – 60

Mr. Brownlow
Male Supporting Role. Oliver’s kind long lost grandfather, a man of wealth and breeding. British (not cockney) accent. Age to look 50 – 75

Female Supporting Role. Nancy’s loyal friend who is one of Fagin’s former pickpockets. Cockney accent required. Age to look 15 – 20

Female Supporting Role. The rude but also flirtatious daughter of the Sowerberrys. Cockney accent required. Age to look 14 – 19

Noah Claypole
Male Supporting Role. A nasty piece of work who is Mr Sowerberry’s pimply apprentice. Enjoys a flirty relationship with Charlotte. Cockney accent required. Age to look 16 – 20

Mrs. Bedwin
Female Minor Role. Mr Brownlow’s kind-hearted, motherly housekeeper.
British (not cockney) accent. Age to look 45 – 65

Dr. Grimwig
Male Minor Role. British (not cockney accent).. Age to look 30-40

Old Sally
Female Minor Role. Cockney accent required. Age to look 50 – 70

Charley Bates
Part of Fagin’s gang. The eldest boy. Cockney accent required.

Fagin’s Gang & Workhouse Children
We are looking for boys and girls who are bright and personable. All individuals cast will do both Workhouse and Fagin’s Gang. Excellent singing skills and some dance experienced preferred. Please advise if you have any special skills e.g. acrobatics, gymnastics, juggling etc.

Workhouse Governors, workers in the workhouse, thieves, London merchants, street vendors, bar keepers, policemen etc. Cockney and traditional British accents required. Opportunity for featured dancers. Some movement required for all ensemble.

Included in this are the featured soloists:
The Rose Seller
Strawberry Seller
Milk Maid
Knife Grinder
Long Song Seller