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Character Descriptions

Below are the character descriptions for The Sound of Music.

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Adult Lead Roles

Maria Rainer

Female, Soprano

A postulant at Nonnberg Abbey.  A free spirit, vibrant, intelligent, honest – too much ‘in love’ with life to be a nun.  Some lovely comedy moments.  Much loved by Von Trapp’s Children and ultimately by Von Trapp.


Captain Georg von Trapp

Male, Baritone

A straight-faced naval officer.  Virtually no sense of humour – not likeable at first (almost comical with his outlook on how his household should be run).  Still a grieving widower – loves his Children but does not easily show this.  Warms to Maria as show progresses and eventually falls in love with her.




Elsa Schraeder

Female, Mezzo-Soprano

Captain von Trapp’s would-be fiancée.  Sophisticated, elegant, shrewd – knows the advantages of being engaged to Von Trapp.  Intelligent enough to know what has developed between Von Trapp and Maria.


Max Detweiler

Male, Tenor

Captain von Trapp’s friend, a music agent and producer.  Lovely comedy role – good friend to Von Trapp – looks after himself, leans whichever way the wind blows.  Ultimate ‘Uncle’ to Von Trapp’s Children.


The Mother Abbess

Female, Soprano

The head of Nonnberg Abbey.  Matriarch figure but worldly wise – loves Maria but knows she is not ‘cut out’ to be a nun.

The Von Trapp Children

As far as possible will use range of ages as shown.  Children must be of a height that makes almost a straight line going upwards when at attention.  Children must all have different personalities.


Liesl von Trapp (Age 16…going on 17)

Female, Mezzo-Soprano


Friedrich von Trapp (Age 14)

Male, Mostly Spoken


Louisa von Trapp (Age 13)

Female, Mostly Spoken


Kurt von Trapp (Age 11)

Male, Mostly Spoken


Brigitta von Trapp (Age 10)

Female, Mostly Spoken


Marta von Trapp (Age 7)

Female, Mostly Spoken


Gretl von Trapp (Age 5)

Female, Mostly Spoken

Adult Supporting Lead Roles

Sister Berthe

Sister Margaretta

Sister Sophia

Female, All Mezzo-Soprano

Comedy trio of nuns – older than novices/postulants – will be cast from Nun’s chorus.


Rolf Gruber

Male, Baritone

The 17-year-old Nazi delivery boy who is in love with Liesl.  At first seems to be OK – but is awkward/embarrassed around her.  Changes as he becomes influenced by Nazi propaganda.  Eventually sees sense and helps Von Trapp family escape.



Male, Spoken

Von Trapp’s butler – lovely cameo role.


Frau Schmidt

Female, Spoken

 Captain von Trapp’s housekeeper – think Mrs Pearce (My Fair Lady).  Possibly having an accent.


Herr Zeller and Admiral von Schreiber

Male, Spoken

Nasty pieces of work, especially Zeller.  Ardent followers of Nazi movement.

Adult Chorus

Ensemble includes nuns, high-society neighbours of Captain von Trapp who attend the ball thrown in Elsa’s honour, Nazi soldiers and contestants in the festival concert.

Male and Female (Age 16+)

Various Spoken and Sung Parts